Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why I Chose The Primary Colors....

I am a proponent of testing one's perceived limits and learning while doing. Proper planning, practice, and equal measures of chance, risk and caprice are healthful in life and, especially, in artistic practice.

I was asked why I chose the primary colors for this project. The reasons are both artistic and practical.

The primary colors are called so because they have some basis as "originals" and "basics": The primary colors are the colors from which all others flow. These colors are universal and understood by all -- if not in exactly the same way.

Red, yellow and blue also have a long history in art, from the blue gown of the Madonna to the iridescent yellows of Van Gogh and the strident reds prominent in the works of the Constructivists. Mondrian and Van Doesburg reduced their palettes to the primaries, along with other artists in the De Stijl movement.

Practically, I'm interested in starting with "the basics" as it were, and to move to more nuanced and complex color schemes as this Englyph line of my practice develops.

For now, though, it's Primary, Black and White....

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